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Who we are: We are the Suri people and we live in the South western part of Ethiopia. The Suri people are made up of three ethnic groups: Chay, Tirmaga and Baale. The Chay ethnic group have three leadership clans who are known as Dolote, Ɛkkɛdhi and Hallagamɛri. But their current leader is Dolote. The Tirmaga have five who are known as Bologidhangi, Olezogi, Olesirwa, Bebhbhala and Olinyamɛri. And their current leader is Bologidhangi. The Baale also have five leadership clans who are known as Dalala, Mirolinggo, Mahɔli, Siryali and Wosi. And their current leaders are Dalala and Mirolinggo. Currently, there are really four Suri leaders. The Chay have one: Dolote. The Tirmaga have one: Bologidhangi. And the Baale have two: Dalala and Mirolinggo. We are cattle herders and farmers. 


  This is our place to post things about us. The things we have here are about the Suri customs and our clans, news, school books, videos, audio recordings, Suri scriptures, topics about the Suri language and the alphabet, photos and other things.





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